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About: Louis Pargiolas

Former Head Trader of Eventus Investment Partners, Louis Pargiolas is a finance executive with vast experience in national and international business development. Having been professionally involved in numerous commercial development initiatives in the United States, Colombia, and Panama over the last decade, Louis Pargiolas holds expertise in evaluating domestic and international macro-economic environments. As Head Trader, Pargiolas presided over trading decisions and primarily provided his firm with market risk assessments in a variety of equity sectors.

Louis Pargiolas began his trading career in 1992, as a Clerk and Apprentice for Cornerstone Partners, where he learned the essentials of trading derivatives. About a year later, he started Remy Capital, LLC, where he managed a personal trading portfolio valued at several million dollars. With Remy Capital, Pargiolas presided over 15 traders, served as Floor Official, Crowd Representative, Market Maker, and was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, as well as a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

In recent years, Pargiolas brought his experience as a capital investor to the real estate market, providing capital as well as professional involvement in the development of multi-million dollar projects in the United States and Latin America. Since 2002, he has held executive positions in connection with major projects such as the development of the El Retiro Shopping Center in Colombia, the Trump Ocean Club in Panama City, Panama, and the Hard Rock Hotel on the Beach in Panama.

Louis Pargiolas attended Arizona State University as a Finance major. Along with his contributions as a trader, Pargiolas served as Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Bogotá Colombia, working directly with the United States Ambassador, other Embassy personnel, and other supporting groups to raise funds to sponsor scholarships for the youth of Colombia.

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